Simple Tools or Kink On A Budget

I love toys. Dildos, vibes, guy vibes, masturbators, Fleshlights, butt plugs, prostate massagers, different consistencies and formulas of lubes, cock cages, urethral sounds, clamps, paddles, I love them all. Unfortunately these things can get expensive for someone on a budget without a lot of time. That’s what this post is about: The simple tools given […]

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Extra subby

It happens when I feel our connection flare in the moment. When it does I can feel her ownership of me, physically, in my body. I feel lighter and–what is perhaps the sweetest irony of all when it comes to submission–free. As my submission deepens when I hear her voice, or when I’m following her […]

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She Makes Me Feel Beautiful

I cannot stress this enough: I’m completely new to the lifestyle. I’ve always wanted it but never had the courage to reach out for it until just recently, and in my mind that makes me an initiate of sorts, a novice, and like all newcomers to any discipline I require guidance. Beloved is my Domme. […]

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TMI Tuesday!

My first TMI Tuesday! 1. Do you like where you live or do you wish you could move? I do wish I could move, especially to be nearer Beloved. Don’t get me wrong I love New England, but she is far and away more precious than anything up here. 2. No matter what life throws […]

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A Mess

Let it be known I thrive existing in a state of certain agony. This isn’t the kind of agony that is unpleasant, rather the kind of agony that makes me throb. I love to be teased and denied, brought to a level of bliss and left to keen at the precipice, and this is how […]

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Beloved and I reconnected after an eighteen year hiatus that we never saw coming. When we parted ways those years ago we were leaving a different relationship as completely different people, and we never planned on speaking to one another again. Even after I reached out to her last year the context wasn’t anything like […]

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Sick pet

It finally happened: I got sick. I suppose I was due for something after my run of Devil’s luck dealing with a then sick ex-girlfriend without catching what she had, along with sick customers at the drug store, sick coworkers who refuse to call-out sick, and the general malaise of this muddy winter. We call […]

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